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Rule Modifications  

EYBA A/B Seeding Tournament

October 2-3, 2021

(from EYBA and Assignor Nicolle Metrunec)

- Remember to leave time to check-in at Saville with your vaccination record and valid ID.  With multiple teams, it may take longer than normal. 

- Remember to wear a mask in Saville. Once you are on the court, wearing a mask is optional.


- 3 Minute Warm up (If game is on time; otherwise only 1 minute)

- Two 9-minute halves

     - 1st half – 9 minutes RUN time

     - 1 minute half time

     - 2nd half – 9 minutes total   
               - 7 minutes RUN time
               - 2 minutes STOP time (If spread is less than 6 points, otherwise RUN THE CLOCK)

               - During "Run time" the clock is still stopped for Substitutions, Timeouts and Free Throw

- Each team allowed 1 timeout per game

- Tiebreaker – Tip off, then first to 4 points

Other Points to Note:

- Each team is responsible to provide one scorekeeper/timekeeper

-  ALL SCORESHEETS MUST BE BROUGHT TO OPERATIONS DESK by the Winners - the Original (white) copy

- Scoresheets need to include Game Number and Division (e.g. U13G A, Game #1)

- Failure to complete scoresheet and hand in scoresheet may result in loss
- Game numbers can be found on the schedule.
- The EYBA asks that all coaches sign-out at the operations desk when all games are complete.


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