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                      Pedro Calderón de la Barca

2022 EBOA Award Nominations [ Now Closed ]

Any member may nominate another for consideration for the following awards:

Bob Sexsmith Award for the Most Improved Senior Official (NOCP Level 3/4)

2019 Recipient: Jackie Auch

Ed Tomick Award for the Most Improved Intermediate Official (NOCP Level 2)

2019 Recipient: Emily Davies

Vlad Eshenko Award for the Most Improved Junior Official (NOCP Level 1)

2019 Recipient: Calvin Kha

Moe Allen Award – Rookie of the Year

2019 Recipient: Shane Ross


Ron Bercov - Mentorship Award

Awarded to an individual who has shown ongoing leadership and commitment to the mentorship of officials within the EBOA.  

2019 Recipient: Barry Schwartz


Herb McLachlin Award - Development of Officials

Awarded to an individual who has consistently, and for a sustained period of time, assisted with the positive development of officials within the EBOA. The recipient of this award embodies what it means to be a supportive, caring role model to developing officials. 

2019 Recipient: Stephane Labonne


Howie Farrell Award - Love of the Game Award

Awarded to an individual who has shown a significant commitment to better the game through passion, service, and developing referees, showing an uncontested “Love of the Game” through positive contributions on and off the floor, 

2019 Recipient: John Mair

Pat Dawson Award for Special Achievement

Awarded occasionally to an individual within the EBOA who has had a significant achievement, generally of national or international significance continuing the tradition of EBOA excellence on the national and world stage.

2019 Recipient: Matt Kallio


Lanny White Personal Excellence Award

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated personal excellence on and off the basketball floor with the highest level of professionalism.

Not awarded in 2019. 2018 Recipient: Lisa Waschuk

EBOA Ambassador Award

Awarded to an individual or an organization for contributions to the EBOA through their interactions with the organization or their interactions with referees.  Criteria for consideration: (1) Demonstration of exceptional service and positive contributions to basketball in the greater Edmonton basketball community; and (2) Demonstration of positive ambassadorship between the EBOA and the recipient’s organization.

2019 Recipient: EYBA

EBOA Service Award

The EBOA Service Award recognizes significant volunteer contributions to the EBOA as an organization.  Generally, this individual is a long-time member of the EBOA Executive, Executive Committees and has spent countless hours serving the greater good of our organization.  
2019 Recipient: Dave Buffie

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