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2019 - 2020 EBOA Annual Awards

Congratulations to:

Moe Allen Award -- Rookie of the Year -- Reihen Knysh

Vlad Eshenko Award -- Most Improved NOCP Level 1 -- Brett Roughead

Ed Tomick Award -- Most Improved NOCP Level 2 -- Rolan Latorre

Bob Sexsmith Award -- Most Improved NOCP Level 3 or 4 -- Warren Maskoske

Ron Bercov Award -- Leadership and Commitment in Mentorship -- Ken Kha

Herb McLaughlin Award -- Development of Officials -- Perry Stothart

Howie Farrell Award -- "Love of the Game" -- Stephan Melnyk

Service Award -- Volunteer Contribution -- Ed Harasam

A permanent Awards Nomination Committee is chaired by the Director of Education and Development.

Any member may nominate another for consideration by the committee.     

Please sumbit your nominations to: 

       Director of Education and Development - education.eboa@gmail.com 

       Director of Administration - adm.eboa@gmail.com 

Member of the Month Nominations 

Officiating is more than simply calling fouls and violations. The EBOA member of the month program aims to recognize those members who exemplify the qualities of going above and beyond to embody the central aims of the EBOA in keeping the game safe, fair, and fun.

A few examples of how our members do this on a regular basis are:
- Working an additional game because someone is late or missing
- Taking the time to explain to young players why the whistle was blown to call travel, double dribble, or a foul rather than just carrying on
- Offering sincere feedback to a newer official to help in their development
- Answering the call from an assignor at 11 pm to work an 8 am game the next day
- Working hard to instantly integrate feedback into our games
- Attending high-level high school, college, and university games to watch our top referees work

This list is by no means exhaustive. Many actions embody repeated positive qualities of our members. For any questions or further informationa, please contact:

       Brad Hollett

       EBOA Director of Administration


To nominate one of our referees for Member of the Month, please submit the nomination form: