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2022 - 2023 Executive Board of Directors


       President, Official Representative, Spokesperson -- Kerron Lewis

       Past President, Bylaws, Discipline Committee Chair -- William Horner

       Vice-President, Special Projects, Pink Whistle Campaign -- Warren Maskoke

       Treasurer, Financial Affairs -- Leo Mangano


       Secretary, Association Affairs -- Mitch Normand

       Administration, League Relations, Nominations for Awards and Scholarships -- Mark Dzenick

       Education and Development, Performance Evaluation, Appointments -- Karen Lasuik


       Game Assigning -- Trevor Barss

       Discipline and Mediation, Grievance Committee Chair -- Barry Schwartz

       Partner Liaison, Tournaments Liaison, Member Relations, Social Events -- Stephan Melnyk


       New Referee Recruitment, Member Retention -- Ryan Donaldson


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