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NOTE: Karen is a distinguished FIBA referee, officiating at a number of top-level competitions including the

Olympic Games. Some of the exciting venues she has travelled to include Tunisia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and

Mexico. A teacher by profession and a former basketball player, she began her journey as a referee in 1993. 

Karen is currently an Executive Board Member serving as Director of Education and Development.

While playing hoops in College, my Coach asked if I wanted to make some pocket change and officiate at the Jr. High School across the road, a couple days a week. I figured, why not! I really enjoyed it, however wanted to play more than officiate, so upon completion of University, I continued to play Ladies League. Frustration with the officiating took over and I found myself putting my foot in my mouth one game, to which the response from the official was, “Lasuik, you actually know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and come out to the local clinic this weekend and become an official” -- and the rest is history.

Starting like we all do at the Jr. high level, I quickly worked my way up through the ranks, capitalizing on every opportunity presented to me. I fell in love with this avocation and was thirsty for more; more experience, more knowledge, more challenges! Having this desire afforded me opportunities I quite frankly wanted, but did not expect!


Never would I have thought I would work Division 1 Women’s basketball in the U.S., much less get to March Madness on a number of occasions. Nor would I ever have dreamed that my life long goal of being selected to the Olympics would come to fruition!


I am here to tell you, “You are only confined by the walls you build for yourself.” Set goals; set them high, and persevere! You will be slapped down. You will have disappointments. Instead of looking at them as failures, look at them as challenges to be better. My mantra:





Photo from FIBA Americas Women's Championship 2015

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