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To recap, a $20.- deduction is applied to your annual fees and donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. We are not introducing a new item this year - the items to be worn are: whistles, wristbands, and EBOA pink pins. This program is historically well received and we have generated over $10,000 as an association since its inception several years ago. New members will need to be provided with the equipment and old members should have a majority of the equipment. ​Items are available for pickup at the January General Meeting.

New members are provided these free of charge and members prior to 2014 will be charged for replacement articles. The replacement cost is $5.- per item. Please do not email and indicate that you did not receive an item in the year it was introduced. We will not be providing items to members prior to 2014 at no charge.
If you wish to opt out of the campaign or you wish to make a bigger donation, please email the EBOA Treasurer, Leo Mangano, at

EBOA Policy re: Blow the Whistle on Cancer Campaign

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