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In this section of the website you will find useful links, documents and downloads.  Everything from the most up-to-date FIBA Rule Book, to Casebooks, League Rule Modifications and more.

Updates for 2018-2019


FIBA 2018 Rule Changes

FIBA 2018 Summary of Changes

FIBA Home Study Book - Individual Officiating Techniques

FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2018 

FIBA Official Interpretations 2018

CBOC Undergarment Modification 2018-2019

ABOA 2 Person Presentation 

ABOA 3 Person Presentation 


FIBA 2010 3-Person Officiating Mechanics


FIBA 2010 2-Person Officiating Mechanics



CABO 2016-2017 Casebook


CABO 2013 Factbook


CABO 2016 Points of Emphasis (POEs)




ABOA 2011 Points of Emphasis (POEs)




2014 ACAC Rule Modifications


2014 ASAA Rule Modifications


Edmonton Basketball Association Rule Modifications


Edmonton Public Jr. High Rule Modifications

Edmonton Public Jr. High Illegal Defence Clarification


Edmonton Catholic Jr. High Rule Modifications


SAPEC Jr High Rule Modifications (St Albert)


EIPS Jr High Rule Modifications (Elk Island/Sherwood Park)


U of A Intramural Rule Modifications

MacEwan University Intramural Rule Modifications

Edmonton Youth Basketball Rule Modifications


Edmonton Youth Basketball Spring League Rule Modifications (Located at the end of the EYBA Rule Book)


Jasper Place Spring League Rule Modifications


2016 Corporte Challenge


FIBA 3 x 3 - Rule Chart


FIBA 3 x 3 Offical Basketball Rules

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