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Become a Basketball Referee

Stay tuned for future dates in September 2024.

EBOA members must be at least 15 years-old.

If you love the game of basketball, the thrill of competition and have a strong sense of camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair play, you should consider applying to become a basketball referee.

Our dynamic and experienced referee clinicians will guide you through the current FIBA rules, on-court mechanics, approved signals and general game management strategies to set you on course to becoming a certified EBOA basketball referee.

When's the Next Clinic?

September 7, 2024.

Please complete the contact form if you'd like to receive an email when more information becomes available.

Are You Already Trained and Accredited?

Please complete the contact form ​if you're already a basketball referee with another recognized referee association and would like to join the ranks of the EBOA immediately, and indicate the name of the  association where you are currently a member, the number of years you have been a referee and your level of experience. The EBOA will request a letter of recommendation from the president of your current referee association.

Thank you, your submission has been received.

EBOA Contact Form

2024 EBOA Clinic Dates

September 7, 2024 -  New Referees Clinic 

September 14, 2024  - New Referees Practical (EYBA Seeding Tournament)


September 7, 2024 -  NOCP 2-5 Advanced Clinic [3-person Clinic]

September 21, 2024 - NOCP 1 & 2 (Attendance capped - only one date required)

September 28, 2024 - NOCP 1 & 2 (Attendance capped - only one date required)

All EBOA Members must attend an EBOA-approved clinic each year to maintain their membership in good standing.

About EBOA New Referees Clinics

Clinics for new "NOCP Level 1 Referee Candidates" are usually held in September on two consecutive Saturdays. The clinic fee includes an orientation booklet, a whistle and a contribution towards covering the cost of facilities and instructors. The EBOA subsidizes the rest. Places are limited.

Theory and Knowledge

The Theory and Knowledge portion of the clinic includes an exam at the end of the session. Candidates who receive a 70% passing mark on their exam are invited to attend the practical assessments the following Saturday. No refunds are issued for those who do not attain the passing mark.

Practicum and Assessment

For those who have successfully passed the exam, the Practicum and Assessment stage of the clinic is held the following Saturday and includes on-court training.

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