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2024 AGM


Date:          Monday April 29th, 2024

Time:          7:00 pm

Location:  Saville Competition Gym Classroom

Address:    11610 - 65 Ave NW, Edmonton


1.  Call to Order and Confirmation of Quorum

2.  Approval of Agenda  

3.  Approval of 2023 AGM Minutes  

4.  Approval of Recent General Meeting Minutes 

5.  Business Arising   

6.  Reports of Officers and Directors Reports | Question Period 

7.  New Business 

8.  Election of Officers and Directors

          -  Secretary (2-year term)

          -  3 Directors-at-Large (2-year terms)

9.  Adjournment 

Officer and Director Reports

President | Kerron Lewis 

As I stand on the cusp of my final year as President of the Edmonton Basketball Officials Association (EBOA), I am filled with a mix of emotions. To say that I am thrilled would be an understatement; however, I would be disingenuous if I didn't also express a profound sense of gratitude and reflection. Serving this association has been an incredible journey—one that has enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined.

For many years, the EBOA has been a cornerstone of my life, a source of camaraderie, growth, and purpose. As I reflect on the evolution of our association, I am struck not only by the numerical expansion but also by the remarkable strides we have made in terms of performance, educational programs, and community connections. From our humble beginnings to our current standing as a respected entity in the basketball community, each milestone is a testament to the dedication and passion of our members.

I began my role as President during the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles, our association remained resilient, adapting and innovating to continue our mission of supporting basketball officiating in Edmonton and beyond. Through virtual meetings, online training sessions, and creative outreach efforts, we have persevered, emerging stronger and more united than ever before.

Throughout my tenure, I have been guided by three fundamental principles: transparency, increased accessibility, and strengthening relationships. These principles have not only shaped our decision-making processes but have also served as a beacon of integrity and inclusivity within our association.

Transparency has been paramount in building trust and accountability among our members. By fostering open communication and clarity in our actions, we have cultivated a culture of transparency that is essential for the success of our organization.

Increased accessibility has been instrumental in ensuring that all members have equal opportunities to participate and contribute to the growth of our association. Whether through flexible scheduling, financial assistance programs, or mentorship initiatives, we have worked tirelessly to remove barriers and create a welcoming environment for all.

Strengthening relationships has been at the heart of our efforts to build a strong and interconnected basketball community. By fostering partnerships with leagues, schools, and other stakeholders, we have expanded our reach and amplified our impact on the sport we love.

As I look ahead to the final year of my presidency, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities. The issue of abuse towards basketball officials weighs heavily. We remain steadfast in our commitment to advocating for tougher consequences and creating a culture of respect and appreciation for the vital role that referees play in the game.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the EBOA executive, the membership, and our broader basketball community for their unwavering support and dedication. It is through your collective efforts that we have achieved so much, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of serving as your President.

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary next year, let us take pride in how far we have come and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Together, let us continue to uphold the values of excellence, integrity, and camaraderie that define the Edmonton Basketball Officials Association.

Thank you, and here's to a memorable and impactful final year.

Vice-President | Warren Maskoske 

(See President's Report)​

Secretary | Mitchell Normand  

What a busy year we’ve had so far… and there’s still lots more to go! It has been my genuine pleasure to be a part of the executive for my second term as secretary. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more of our valued members and being able to work with some new partners. I hope to be able to continue the work we are doing as an executive for the next term. 


As I am writing this report for the 2024 AGM, I can confirm the following information.

  • Since September 1: 11,071 games assigned and worked by 22,139 officials. 

  • 371 Active Officials in Arbiter (Increase of 48 from this time last year)


News about upcoming clinics for next season will be made available as soon as we have determined dates and times. 


Reminder: Effective September 1 2024, CBOC Jersey’s will be the only permitted Referee Jersey for all EBOA Sanctioned games. Most people should have their own by now, but if you still require one or multiple, please email me and we can get you sorted out.


As always, I serve at the pleasure of the membership. If there is anything I can do for you, please reach out and I will do my best to help out however I can!


Hope to see you on the court soon!

Treasurer | Leo Mangano 

The EBOA Financial Committee [Kent Heine, Tin Yip, Leo Mangano] met in October 2023 to review the 2022-23 Financial Statements. The Committee has determined the Financial Statements are reported fairly with no material issues.


The full Treasurer's Report is provided  and available to all EBOA members in good standing and is not published here.​

Administration | Mark Dzenick 

2022 - 2023 EBOA Awards

The selection of award winners was made by the Executive, based upon the recommendation of the members making the nomination and the Education Committee.

The Awards were presented at the 2023 Year-end Awards Banquet held May 28th, and the Award winners were recognized on the EBOA website at






Moe Allen Rookie of the Year Award – Mariana Dzenick

Vlad Eshenko Award | Most Improved Junior Official (NOCP Level 1) – Nibras Alam

Ed Tomick Award | Most Improved Intermediate Official (NOCP Level 2) – Mitchell Normand

Bob Sexsmith Award | Most Improved Senior Official (NOCP Level 3/4) – Ryan Donaldson

Ron Bercov Mentorship Award – Jim Morrow

Herb McLaughlin Development Award – Arden Spychynski

Howie Farrell "Love of the Game" Award – Warren Maskoske

Lanny White Personal Excellence Award – Trevor Barss

Pat Dawson Special Achievement Award – Kerron Lewis

Service Award – Will Horner

Honourary Life Member Recognition – Harry Vink, Ed Harasem

Executive Board Nominations

Nominations for Executive positions were open to all members in good standing, via a nominations form posted on the EBOA website Home Page. All nominations received were presented to the 2023 Annual General Meeting. In addition, nominations were accepted from the floor. 

The same procedures have been implemented for 2024-2025 Executive Board nominations, for election at the 2024 AGM.

2023-2024 EBOA Scholarships

EBOA Scholarships are awarded in accordance with the official scholarship policy. The window opened up on February 1, 2024 and a number of scholarships have been awarded.

Applications for remaining scholarships are open until June 30, 2024, on a first-come, first-served basis. See

2024 Daryl Paustian Development Scholarship ($250) Recipients, recognizing the value and importance of personal growth and development. Scholarships awarded to date will be announced at the AGM, then posted at


2024 Angie Celino Education and Development Scholarship ($250) Recipients, recognizing High School and Post-Secondary student officials dedicated to personal and community growth. Scholarships awarded to date will be announced at the AGM, then posted at


2023 Dave Buffie Memorial Mentorship Scholarship ($500), aiming to provide financial support to a younger official committed to development. No applications were received during the September 2023 window.

CBOC awards the Ritchie/Nicurity Bursaries ($750) to promising young referees to assist in furthering their education. Information and details regarding the Bursary are available through the ABOA.

Reference: Revised Scholarship Policy (M-9.0) approved March 21, 2023 and posted on the EBOA website through the Policy and Procedure page at

Direct link:


EBOA Website | –

The redesigned EBOA website v3.0 went live on September 1, 2023. It is kept up-to-date with the latest information available for the benefit of the membership and the public.

Photos, suggestions, errors and omissions may be sent to

Website Traffic –

Since September 1, 2023 (to April 15, 2024), the EBOA website had a total of 2,082 Unique Visitors worldwide with a total of 8,983 page views, mostly from the greater Edmonton area (almost 64%) and the rest of Alberta (over 14%).  Almost 14% came from the rest of Canada, and 4.4% from the United States. There were visitors from 30 countries in all parts of the world.

For those curious to know, there were 4 visitors from Mexico, 2 from each of Ivory Coast and Senegal, and 1 visitor from each of El Salvador, St. Lucia, Morocco and Uganda.
Go figure.

Most Popular Pages –

After the Home Page, the most popular pages viewed are Tournaments,

How to Become an EBOA Referee and News.

















Device Access –

About 59% of pages are accessed through mobile smartphones, 40% through desktop or laptop computers and 1% through tablets or iPads.

























Education | Karen Lasuik 

As I reflect on the past year, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride for the incredible journey we've embarked upon together. Serving as the Director of Education and Development of Basketball Officiating has been an honor beyond measure, and I want to extend my deepest thanks to each and every one of you for making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Our achievements over the past year are nothing short of remarkable. The growth we've witnessed among our members has been astounding, a testament to the dedication, passion, and hard work that define the spirit of EBOA. Together, we've reached new heights, and I am endlessly inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment of our officiating community.

Our success on the courts has been equally impressive. The outstanding showing at the ASAA High School Basketball Provincial Championships, the CCAA National Basketball Championships, and the USport National Basketball Championships is a testament to the caliber of officiating we uphold at EBOA. It's not just about the wins and losses; it's about the professionalism, integrity, and excellence that shine through in every game we officiate.

As I look ahead to my final year in this role, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the journey that lies ahead. Together, I know we will continue to raise the bar, pushing boundaries, and exceeding expectations at every turn. With your unwavering support and dedication, I am confident that we will achieve even greater milestones and foster even more remarkable growth within our membership.

Thank you once again for your hard work, your passion, and your unwavering commitment to excellence. It is an honor and a privilege to serve alongside each and every one of you, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this incredible journey together.

Here's to another year of remarkable performances, extraordinary growth, and endless possibilities.

With deepest appreciation.

Discipline | Teigan Lawton 

The EBOA’s Director of Discipline and Mediation is akin to an inmate who is elected by the general population to represent them to the guards, and who then has to return to the general population after their term expires. Some days it is an unmitigated disaster and is utterly thankless…

That said, this year was very productive. My focus was on reducing complaints through managing officials by sharing with them when they were receiving complaints, and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure they felt heard. Sometimes, this included working with the assigning team to avoid putting officials in situations where they may fail (adding a “site block”) or recommending an altered assignment with the intent to pre-emptively avoid conflict. 

Part of my strategy changed the focus of complaints from taking on everything to emphasizing higher priorities, for example, the instances where official safety was a concern – or those situations that resulted in participant disqualification – this meant we moved away from reporting every single technical foul. The benefit was that I (on behalf of the organization) could focus on the more severe incidents.


I had the unfortunate benefit of analyzing many complaints. If there was one common thread - when our officials are the dominant aggressors, there is a near certainty the organization will receive a complaint. Our officials who are able to resolve conflict without escalation seem to be the ones who avoid getting complaints. For those officials who throw gasoline on the fire, you will get a complaint. I saw a delicate balance between those officials’ who ran their games with a firm-but-fair approach, and those who were overly officious and aggressive. The latter nearly always incurs a complaint.


Complaints that came in were generally one of the following:

     i.  Officials were rude by using uncomplimentary language, tone, or demeanour; or 

    ii. Officials failed to call the game in a manner that was commensurate with the perceived expectations of the player, and the player(s) felt unsafe.

For those people that like numbers, the portfolio had approximately 100 complaints in the 2023-24 year. This is a sharp decrease from the previous year because we did not report individual technical fouls (n=239). Some of the complaints from this season which resulted in the more severe sanctions (and only suspensions where indicated):

  • a member called an ABA minor provincial’s participant a derogatory term and received a 90-day suspension;

  • after receiving a complaint, a member attended to a junior high school and proceeded to embarrass himself while yelling and disrupting the school proceedings with the administration, the member elected to resign from the EBOA before facing a discipline panel (and likely suspension); and

  • a member received a short suspension when he proceeded to use an expletive that started with an “f” followed by the word “this,” before he walked off the floor after a conflict with the coach.

The remainder of the complaints were dealt with informally, and this included: (1) summary dismissal (no action), (2) follow up with no investigation (forwarding the complaint for the referee’s edification), or (3) follow up with a warning.

The picture below outlines where the EBOA complaints originated.










This is not too surprising. The majority of our officials are new and inexperienced at the EYBA level. The EBA complaints are generally from officials who are perceived to be inept and do not project confidence to participants. Our junior high complaints are the smallest in volume, and are fairly ‘typical,’ for example, “the officials did not make calls.” The high school complaints are generally professionally managed by Metro Athletics; they are mostly related to officials who may have been “given an opportunity,” or were the only ones available for a particular assignment.

Going forward, if I stay in the discipline portfolio, I intend to stay the course. Some of the client feedback was that this year was the “most thorough” and “helpful” that they have experienced in recent years. They found how I chose to handle complaints was effective in resolving issues with their clients/teams. On the member side, I hope those members who were caught in unsubstantiated complaints felt respected and understood the process. I recognize it is a very delicate balance.

I passionately believe that the majority of grievances can be resolved. However, this inevitably entails the necessity to address shortcomings within our membership and make difficult choices. It is never a task I take pleasure in, e.g., convening a panel to determine the fate of an EBOA member. Nevertheless, it is essential for upholding the standards and expectations we set for our members, ultimately benefiting the integrity of the EBOA and meeting the expectations of our clients who demand a professional service.

Yours in basketball,

Assigning | Ryan Donaldson 

Dear EBOA Members,

As we gather for the Annual General Meeting of the Edmonton Basketball Officials Association (EBOA) on April 29th, 2024, I am pleased to provide you with a summary of the 2023/2024 season and outline our plans for the upcoming 2024/2025 season.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our assignors: Giancarlo Higinio, Noelle Metrunec, and Franco Panizzon. Their commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of our assigning process has been instrumental in the success of our association.

Re-election for Director of Assigning Position:

I want to announce my intention to re-run for the position of Director of Assigning for the upcoming term. I am committed to serving the EBOA and continuing to work towards the advancement of our association. I look forward to your support and the opportunity to continue leading our assigning efforts. Should I be re-elected, I plan to take the assigning team in the direction outlined below.


Summary of the 2023/2024 Season:

The past season (Sep 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024) has been a historic one for the EBOA, marking the busiest season to date with over 10,000 games assigned by our association. I want to express my gratitude to our dedicated officials, assignors, and staff for their hard work and commitment throughout the season. Despite facing peaks and valleys, it was undeniably a successful year for us overall.


Challenges Faced:

One of the significant challenges we encountered during the season was maintaining up-to-date blocks among our membership. Towards the end of the season, we experienced an excess of a 25% decline rate, which is concerning and requires immediate attention before the start of the next season. Keeping blocks updated is crucial for the efficient operation of our association and ensuring quality officiating for all games.

To address this issue, we will be implementing proactive measures. We will be sending reminders to members who consistently decline games and fail to keep their blocks up to date, emphasizing the importance of their commitment to the association. 

Additionally, we faced a need for more available officials, particularly for junior high games in the late afternoon in January. The increased demand for officiating in these time slots stretched our resources and highlighted the need for officials to consider allocating  some additional time to officiate junior high games when available. We encourage our membership to review their schedules and see if they can accommodate a few extra junior high games to help meet the demand in these critical time slots.


Re-Introducing "Fines For Declines" Program:

As we move forward into the 2024/2025 season, we will be re-implementing our "Fines For Declines" program to enforce accountability among our membership. This program will penalize officials who consistently decline games without valid reasons or who fail to update their availability blocks promptly. Further details regarding the "Fines For Declines" program will be communicated to the membership once it is reviewed and finalized by the executive committee.


Membership Engagement and Active Participation:

It is crucial for our membership to actively engage and participate in association events and activities. Spectating and participating in events not only foster a sense of community but also provide valuable learning opportunities for officials to improve and evolve in their roles. I encourage all members to attend games, clinics, and workshops to enhance their skills and strive for the highest level of assignments they can achieve.


Looking Ahead to 2024/2025 Season:

As we prepare for the upcoming season, I am confident that we can overcome the challenges we faced and continue to uphold the high standards of officiating that the EBOA is known for. Together, we will work towards improving communication, enhancing member accountability, and ensuring the success of our association.


In closing, I want to express my appreciation to each and every member of the EBOA for their dedication and contributions to our organization. Your commitment to excellence is what makes our association thrive, and I look forward to another successful season ahead.

Recruitment and Retention | Dan Desmarais 

I have enjoyed my first year as the R&R Director.  Much of my energy went to learning how our leadership team operates and how my cog fits into the machine of the EBOA executive.  The recruitment portion of this portfolio has been very busy this past year.  We are experiencing an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm rolling through the Greater Edmonton basketball community. Interested persons reach out to the EBOA primarily through our website.  With the much assistance of our Director of Administration, Mark Dzenick, we improved the presentation and efficiency of the “become a referee” tab.  These factors resulted in a record number of recruits (102) joining the association last September.

With the large number of new officials came onboarding issues… 

- delay of new CBOC uniforms.

-  donation program of ABOA uniforms created by Treasurer, Leo Mangano

- insufficient games in low season (Oct - Nov).  

- Some referees did not work any games until January.

- limited weekday availability for JH games where new officials are needed.

Since last October I received 100+ new inquiries to join the EBOA.  In response, we will create an application process, and invite recruits to our next clinic in the fall.

A project to collect photographs of referees to use in promotional posters was put on hold.  Two reasons…

  1. The need for more promotion is not dire. See above.

  2. Delay of CBOC uniform extended timeline into the busiest time of year

  3. Request for permission to use likeness brought back few responses

  4. Scheduling challenges to book photographer.

The project will remain on my to do list for September.

I look forward to my second year in this position.  I hope to improve my management of the high interest in officiating and work with our Education Team to strengthen our membership with new, driven, officials.  I also hope to put more energy into the Recruitment portion of the portfolio, creating a simple program to maintain contact and support our new officials so their experience is positive.  This will, in turn, keep the interest in our vocation high.

Relations | Leo Mangano (Interim) 

Note: Leo Mangano was appointed by the Executive to replace Jim Morrow  following his resignation in January 2024. Jim Morrow had been appointed by the Executive in May 2023 to replace Barry Schwartz, following his resignation.


The EBOA Relations Director concerns themselves with maintaining positive relationships and communications with the EBOA Clients.


Key Clients the Edmonton Youth Basketball Association (EYBA), the Edmonton Basketball Association (EBA), Edmonton Metro Athletics High Schools, and the Public and Catholic Junior High School divisions in the greater Edmonton area, Alberta Basketball Association (ABA) and the Jasper Place Spring League

The EBOA referees served at over 100 High School (44), Junior High School (42), and Club (16) Tournaments, including the Great Canadian Shoot-Out (Edmonton Grads) and major tournaments organized by Swoosh Canada, Good Hoops Basketball, Rocky Mountain Hoops and  West Edmonton Basketball Association (WEBA).

Service Agreements

Since implementing the EBOA Service Agreement, we have developed more positive relationships with all our clients. The Agreement clearly outlines the Game Fee Structure, Dates of Service, EBOA Expectations, and Client Expectations. This has led to timelier receipt of Schedules and quicker payment cycles.

In addition, it provides a clearer planning tool for Loading and Cashflow Planning.

. . .

EBOA ExecReport 2024-0419 Discipline.png
EBOA Awards Pics 2023-0528 B01 Recipients_edited.jpg
EBOA AGM 2024-0417 Report Pic 03A.png
EBOA AGM 2024-0417 Report Pic 04A.png
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