EBOA Code of Conduct

​as of September 2021 

Guiding Principles  

Every EBOA member has the responsibility to understand and adhere to the Code of Conduct, established by the EBOA to inform the action and conduct of members in all activities of the EBOA,

As a referee, every EBOA member has a primary responsibility to ensure and maintain a safe and secure on-court environment; and to promote sportsmanship and fair play.

The EBOA is committed to providing an environment that prohibits discrimination based on the grounds of gender, age, race, colour, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, mental capacity, physical disability or occupation.

General and Personal Conduct

As a referee, member and representative of the EBOA:     

1.        I must uphold the highest standard of personal conduct and ethical behaviour;

2.        I must respect, adhere to, and exhibit and encourage behaviour consistent with, the rules and spirit of the game, and with the Code of Conduct, bylaws, policies, procedures and educational endeavours of the EBOA.

3.        I must consistently display high standards of behavior and performance; and contribute to the growth of the EBOA and its members through support, encouragement and positive attitude;


4.        I acknowledge that referees may be perceived as leaders within the sport on and off the court; that referees occupy a position of great responsibility in shaping the attitudes and behaviours within the game, its rules, fairness and sportsmanship; and that their actions and conduct set the tone for other Participants;


5.        I acknowledge that social media and mass communication methods may compromise or detract from the EBOA's ability to resolve issues and disputes in a timely, equitable and professional manner;


6.        I will act in a calm, courteous, respectful and professional manner when dealing with all Participants;.

7.        I will be respectful and supportive of my peers, whether as a referee, player, coach, spectator or other Participant;

8.        I will accept responsibility for my actions, conduct and behaviour, regardless of the highly competitive or energetic environment;


9.        I will make an effort to take advantage of opportunities and resources for development, training and education to maintain, enhance or improve my ability and skill;

10.      I will work with the Evaluation Committee and the Assignor to maintain an acceptable and mutually agreed upon rating level;

11.      I will master the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to effectively enforce the rules impartially for each league and level that I referee;

12.      I will prepare myself both physically and mentally and put forth my best effort for every game, regardless of level;

13.      I will report on time for assignments to prepare properly for the game level being officiated;

14.      I will dress in accordance with EBOA requirements and maintain clean and neat attire;

15.      I will remove myself from any assignment where I would be perceived to be in a conflict of interest;

16.      I will only accept assignments from EBOA assignors, or assignors from other ABOA-recognized associations;

17.      I understand that the EBOA has no obligation to make game assignments available to me.


18.      I will not act or conduct myself in a way detrimental to the reputation or good standing of the EBOA and its members;

19.      I will not use drugs and/or alcohol prior to game time on game days; and understand that the use of drugs and/or alcohol on game days is a totally unacceptable and serious matter that may result in a suspension or expulsion as a member;

20.      I will not use offensive, abusive, insulting or vulgar verbal or body language toward any member or Participant; and not make any comments or remarks that would undermine the performance of my fellow referees or cause damage to the reputation of the EBOA or one of its members;

21.      I will not use social media or any other platforms, channels or forums to communicate or discuss any confidential EBOA issues, conflicts or debates.