Code of Conduct


Philosophical Statement 

A Code of Conduct, to influence the action and conduct of those who associate with the development and/or delivery of EBOA programs and activities is presented below. It is incumbent on all EBOA officers to educate representatives, including referees-in-chief, clinicians, evaluators, speakers, and members of the Association to adhere to this code. The Member-at-Large shall be 

informed of any complaints regarding Code of Conduct violations. 


General Conduct 

EBOA members and representatives are expected to uphold the highest standard of ethical behaviour and personal conduct at all times, and are responsible for conducting themselves in such a way as to represent EBOA in the most favourable light at all times. Members are bound to exhibit and encourage behaviour, which is consistent with the bylaws and Code of Conduct of the EBOA. The EBOA is committed to providing an environment that prohibits discrimination based on the grounds of race, colour, 

ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, marital status, family status, source of income, and sexual orientation 


A member of the Edmonton Basketball officials Association shall: 

• Prepare themselves both physically and mentally, as well, put fourth their best effort, for each and every game, regardless of level. 

• Act in a calm, courteous and professional manner when dealing with coaches, players, fans, or other officials, so as to enhance the reputation of the EBOA and its members. 

• Be respectful and supportive of my peers, whether as an official, spectator, player or coach.

• Not make any remarks that would cause damage to the reputation of members of the EBOA, the EBOA or the ABOA. 

• Remove themselves from any assignment where they would be perceived to be in a conflict of interest. 

• Must always show respect for the rights and privileges of the players, coaches, fans and members of the refereeing community. 

• Master both rules of the game and mechanics necessary, to enforce the rules for each league that we officiate. 

• Report on time for assignments to prepare properly for the game level being officiated. 

• Maintain clean and neat attire. 

• Only accept assignments from the Association assignors. 

• Understand membership with the EBOA does not carry any obligation for the EBOA to make any specific number of game assignments available for its members. 

• Understand that the use of alcohol and illegal drugs is totally unacceptable on game days prior to games. 

• Do all that one can to contribute to the growth of the EBOA and its officials through support, encouragement and a positive attitude;

• Work with the Evaluation Committee and the Assignor to maintain a mutually accepted rating level; 

• Accept responsibility for their actions. 


Last Revised: October 2011