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2022-23 Executive Board


Members of the EBOA Executive are elected by our membership at our Annual General Meeting for a term of two years.  Positions available for elections are staggered in alternating years in order to ensure succession of information, portfolios and the overall direction of the Association.

Kerron Lewis
Mug Kerron 2021-0428 v11.png

The EBOA President is the chair of all meetings of the Association when he/she is present.  The President is an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. He/she also acts as the spokesperson for the Association and act as its official representative. The President ensures bylaws are enforced and that resolutions or motions passed by the membership are executed.

Mug Warren Muskoke 2021-0430 v2.png
Warren Maskoke
Vice President


The EBOA Vice President assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence and carries out additional duties as determined by the Executive.


Currently, the Vice President is the organizer of our annual Pink Campaign, held in February to raise money for cancer research.

Leo Mangano

Mug Leo Mangano 2021-0428 v12.png

The EBOA Treasurer is an appointed individual and is a non-voting member of the Executive.  The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring all monies owed to the Association are collected and deposited.  He/she also prepares periodic financial reports and presents these reports as request to the Executive or membership as whole.  

Mitch Normand
EBOA pic Normand_edited.png

The EBOA Secretary attends all meetings of the EBOA and the Executive committee.  He/she is responsible for the management of all EBOA records.  

The Secretary is also responsible for ensuring accurate minutes of meetings are recorded and acts as a signing authority for the Association.


Mug MD 2021-0428 v2.png
Mark Dzenick
Director of Administration

The EBOA Director of Administration is responsible for overseeing the EBOA Educational Scholarships process and the Annual Awards selections and presentation. He/she is also responsible for maintaining relationships with clients/leagues and overseeing the development of fee schedules and contracts with clients/leagues.

He/she acts as Chair of the Nomination Committee and is responsible to arrange and oversee the EBOA Exchange Program

Barry Schwartz
Director of Discipline
and Mediation

EBOA 2022-0622 Barry Schwarz Mug v1_edited.png
Mug Treor 2021-0429 v2.png
Trevor Barss
Director of Assigning

The EBOA Director of Assigning is responsible for the structure of assigning all games contracted by the EBOA. He/she is also responsible for recruiting, recommending for appointment and overseeing EBOA Assignors as required. He/she maintains account and licenses for assigning tool and periodically evaluates the performance of Assignors.  When required, he/she forms an assigning committee for key assignments or special events.

Karen Lasuik
Director of Education
and Development


Mug Karen Lasuik 2021-0428 v3.png

The EBOA Director of Discipline & Mediation is reponsible for the internal disciple of members that may, from time to time, contravene Association bylaws, policies and/or procedures. He/she is also responisble for addressing grievances between officials, grievances between game participants and officials and addressing grievances between clients and officials. He/she implements dispute resolution as required and acts as the Chair of the EBOA Grievance Committee. 

The EBOA Director of Education & Development is responsible for developing a program of education for members which promotes the continuous improvement of EBOA officials. He/she is also responsible for the NOCP including the leveling and upgrading of Members. He/she oversees the EBOA Mentorship Program and informs the membership of rule interpretations.

He/she additionally prepares an annual list of nominations for consideration by the Executive for various appointments at the Provincial level and forms Evaluation Committees as required.


Ryan Donaldson
Director of Recruitment
and Retention

Mug Steve Melnyk 2021-0429 v2.png
Steve Melnyk
Director of Relations

The EBOA Director of Recruitment & Retention is responsible for the recruitment of new members and the rention of current members within the Association.  He/she is also responsible for all interal EBOA communications, including communication tools such as the EBOA social media accounts.  He/she acts as the leader for all Association marketing initiatives. 

The EBOA Director of Relations is responsible for fostering positive membership relationships and planning social events for the membership.  He/she is also responsible for arranging hosting for local, provincial or national tournaments or exchanges and maintaining positive relationships with external partners such as Basketball Alberta, ABOA and CABO.  He/she acts as the main contact for teams, leagues and organizations requiring officials for tournaments within the EBOA assigning region.

Mug Will Horner 2021-0429 v1.png
Will Horner
Past President

The Past President regularly reviews the Bylaws and ensures they reflect the current purposes and satisfies the present requirements of the Association, acts as the chair of the Discipline Committee per Article 6.11.2, serves in an advisory position to the Executive, and carries out other duties as assigned by the Executive.

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