Rule Modifications

Summer and Fall 2021

(for Leagues, Schools and Clubs)

HIGHLIGHTS (November 2021)






 EYBA A/B Seeding Tournament (October 1-2, 2021) 

- EYBA 3x3 



- Junior High (EPSB)

- Junior High (ECS)

- Senior High (Metro)


- WEBA (November 2021)

- Good Hoops (October 8-10, 2021)


EYBA U11 Highlighted (November 2021)

- Four 9:00 Stop-Time Quarters  I  3:00 minute intervals (Automatic Substitution)

- Foul Shots on Shooting Fouls  I  Foul Line = 12.09 feet

- 4 x 4  I  Basket Height: 8.5 feet  I   Basketball Size = 5  

- Defense must cede the Half-Court

EBOA Webiste 2021-1126 CBOC Uniform v2.png
EBOA Webiste 2021-1126 Shot Clock v2.png

EBA Highlighted (November 2021)

Scoresheets –

Team names, division, court number, game date and time must be written on the top line of the game sheet (winning team’s responsibility).

Referees must confirm game information before signing the scoresheet

All players must have their first and last names on the scoresheet before game time to be eligible to play.



Proper Uniforms –

EBA teams must wear proper uniforms. If a team wins a game while wearing improper uniforms, the penalty is “loss of the win, and no points for the game” in the standings. (No points in the standing are awarded). Referees must record “improper uniforms” on the game sheet.

 Proper Uniforms: “Same colour; 4-inch (10 cm) number on the front, 8-inch (20 cm) number on the back. The League allows one player to wear an improper uniform, but not more.” The requirements are in the EBA League Rules (Art. 18 §7).



No Ties –

All EBA games must have a winner.

Additional overtime periods of 5 minutes must be played if needed until one team wins.