Mentorship Program 


Plans for the 2021-22 Mentorship Program are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. 

The 2021-21 was cancelled due to the global covid pandemic.


What is Mentorship?

According to Webster Dictionary, the term mentor is defined as “a trusted counselor or guide”, while to mentor is “to teach or give advice or guidance to someone, such as a less experienced person or child”.


Since 2008 the EBOA has built a platform for all members of the association to learn and grow from each others’ experience through their Mentorship Program. The main goal behind our Mentoring Program is to help each official enhance their officiating abilities.


Building upon the foundations of this well-established program, we are continuing our emphasis on the value of mentorship rather than focusing our efforts on the task of evaluating. This approach will hopefully work side by side with the evaluating team conducting formal evaluations while providing the support and guidance to our officials attempting to achieve their officiating goals.


What else?

Right from the get go, the mentee will need to provide the areas that they require assistance in, while the mentors will be given the opportunity to share their strengths. This information will be used when coordinating the mentorship relationship to best match the mentee’s needs with what can be offered by the mentor. As a result, two google forms have been set up for those members that wish to participate in the Mentorship Program – as a mentee and/or mentor. You are welcome to put your name in for both.


Based on the limited number of mentors each season and the number of evaluations provided for first year officials, participation in this program will be given priority to returning officials.


In addition, further education will be developed and provided to the mentors to assist in their role of providing feedback and guidance.

The program is still designed to help individuals progress and develop on many levels as an official with EBOA. This is accomplished by providing you with tangibles for development, and a clear indicator of items which may be beneficial for you to work on.


Participation in the Mentorship Program continues to be used as part of the consideration for those attending ASAA provincials in March.


If you wish to participate, please fill out the corresponding google form when this form comes available.  If you have pre-arranged mentors, the form has a space for this information to be provided.


2020-21 Mentors click here: (Postponed indefinitely)

2020-21 Mentees click here:  (Postponed indefinitely)


For any questions regarding this program please contact me at


I look forward to working with many of you this season.


Lisa Waschuk

EBOA Mentorship Chairperson

"Keeping the game safe, fair, and fun"