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Rule Exams

The Canada Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC) creates and distributes a national officials exam each year, usually in December. The exam is administered online. All active referees in Canada are required to write and pass this exam in order to continue officiating. For certain assignment and appointments, a minimum exam mark is required.

To help prepare EBOA members for the annual exam, a number of past and refresher exams are available for review, completion and study.  Use the FIBA Rulebook, the FIBA Interpretations Manual and the CBOC Casebook when doing exam prep.

How to Access the FIBA Practice Exam

Note that rules may have changed since the following exams were administered. 


2015 EBOA Practice Exam 1 - Answer Key

2015 EBOA Practice Exam 2 - Answer Key

2014 ABOA Refresher Exam

2014 ABOA Refresher Exam - REVISED Answer Key

2013 CABO Exam

2013 CABO Exam - Answer Key


2012 ABOA Refresher Exam

2012 ABOA Refresher Exam - Answer Key

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