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Video Training Library

Rules and Officiating Techniques

CBOC Individual Officiating Techniques (October 2019)

2-Person Officiating Refresher

Key Mandate

Education is a key mandate for the Association and our overall goal is to improve:
• Rule knowledge
• Court presence
• Floor mechanics
• Game management

The EBOA education program includes:
• Clinics and camps
• The Mentorship program

• The informal assignment of a more experienced referee with less experienced ones
• The NOCP program
• Formal evaluations
• Observing high-level officials work at the college and university level
• Attending General Meetings

• Other initiatives

EBOA 2023-24 Education Team

Senior Development Officer (SDO): Karen Lasuik

Intermediate Development Officer (IDO): Arden Spachynski

Junior Development Officer (JDO): Kathy Ross

Mentorship Chairperson:  Lisa Waschuk

Evaluation Chairperson: Heather Rootsaert

Anchor 1 Education Team
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