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Appointments to the 2023 ASAA Provincial Championships

March 16 - 18, 2023 

The EBOA has a proud tradition of appointments to all levels of basketball within Alberta, Canada and around the world -- ASAA, CCAA, USport and FIBA championships and tournaments.  

Members interested in an appointment to an ASAA High School Provincial Championship are strongly encouraged to join the EBOA Mentorship Program. A mentor must recommend you for an ASAA Provincial Championship for consideration. You must have had an evaluation and notified the Director of Education and Development by February 1st.

​1A Girls - Stirling (South)

1A Boys - Coaldale Christian School (South)


2A Girls - High Level Public (North West)

Irene Perri, Lisa Bayhnam, Todd McAdam, Tristan Hackman, Mounir Maliki, Andrew Degenhardt 


2A Boys - Glenmary (North West)

Nibras Alam, Cameron Stothart


3A Girls Wetaskiwin (Central)

Ethan Lounsbury, Ian Durie


3A Boys Wetaskiwin (Central)

Reihen Knysh, Mahdi Kashani


4A Girls - Jasper Place HS (Edmonton)

Katia Davi-Digui , Florence Lopez, Terry Baker, Edwin Manahan, Brad Hollett


4A Boys - Jasper Place (Edmonton)

Calvin Kha, Tanner Ferguson, Myles Hansen, Brett Roughead, Adam Asquini


Alternates –

Spencer Bird, Ryan Harasem, Rolan Latorre, Surinder Gakhal, Dan Desmarais, Martin Stubbs

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