2019-20 Appointments


The EBOA has a proud tradition of appointments to all levels of basketball within Alberta, Canada and across the globe.  Our officials have worked at ASAA, CCAA, USport and FIBA championships and tournaments.  Most appointments are announced in late February, with the exception of Summer Youth National Championships which are traditionally announced in June.


If you are a current member and interested in an appointment for an ASAA Provincial Championship, you are strong encouraged to become part of the EBOA Mentorship Program.  You must also recieve your annual evaulation by no later that February 1st of each year.  Your mentor must recommend you for an ASAA Provincial Championship for you to be considered.  Mentors interest in representing the EBOA at an ASAA Pronvicial Championship must notify the Director of Education & Development of their intention to be considered by not later than February 1st of each year.


2020 International (FIBA) Appointments


2020 National Appointments


2020 Provincial Appointments

2020 ACAC Men's Final 8 Tournament 


2020 ACAC Women's Final 8 Tournament


2020 ASAA High School Provincial Championships

4A Boys

4A Girls

3A Boys

3A Girls

2A Boys

2A Girls

1A Boys

1A Girls

2020-21 Appointments

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