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National Officials Certification Program (NOCP)

The National Officials Certification Program (NOCP) was created to assist in the education and development of officials.

The NOCP curriculum was developed to enhance:

  • Rule Knowledge

  • Floor Mechanics

  • Game Management

  • Court Presence

The NOCP program consists of 5 levels:  Levels 1-3 administered by the Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA), Level 4 by CBOC and Level 5 by the Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA).

Every referee who officiates in the EBOA is ranked from Level 1 to Level 5. The EBOA has control over Levels 1 and 2. The ABOA has the ability to move Officials to Level 3, CBOC to Level 4, and finally FIBA to Level 5.  

After attending the Level 1 Clinic, all new EBOA referees are designated as Level 1 Officials. Referees remain in Level 1 until a  request is made to be evaluated to move to Level 2. The onus is on the individual to request an evaluation to move to Level 2.

Improvement should be a constant goal as an Official and attaining a higher ranking helps you develop as an Official. Some assignments at a provincial level require a certain NOCP Level and, for example, to reach a Level 2 brings more opportunities for every Official. Education and official growth goes hand-in-hand and officiating is a constant educational process. Information is always a good thing. In order to upgrade to NOCP Level 2:

1. Apply to the EBOA Director of Education & Development asking for an evaluation to move to NOCP Level and be sure to provide at least fourteen (14) days notice of your intention to upgrade.

2. The Director of Education & Development or a member of the Evaluation Panel will attend a game and evaluate your performance based on a set criteria in the NOCP Guidelines for a Level 2 Official.  

3. There is a [$__.00] fee per upgrade evaluation.

If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to upgrade, it is recommended that you wait six months prior to your next upgrade attempt.  A second fee of [$__.00] will be assessed and a different member of the Evaluation Panel will conduct your evaluation.

All upgrade decisions are final and may not be appealed. 

Checking Your Current Level Rank --

If you are an existing EBOA member, log into the Arbiter Program. In the top right hand corner, click on “My Account.” You will then see your personal information. On the left side panel, you will see a link called “Custom Fields” click on it and you see your current Level Rank.

pic 2023-0830 NOCP1.png
pic 2023-0830 NOCP2.png
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