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Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Policy (Adopted: March 21, 2023)

Daryl Paustian Scholarship 

Angie Celino Scholarship

Dave Buffie Scholarship 

Ritchie/Nicurity Bursaries | Awarded by CBOC to promising young referees. Check with the ABOA for more Information i

2022 Scholarship Recipients
Daryl Paustian Development Scholarship – Reihen Knysh
Angie Celino Education and Development Scholarship – Reihen Knysh
Dave Buffie Memorial Mentorship Scholarship – Mara Dzenick
National CBOC Ritchie/Nicurity Bursary Candidates – Reihen Knysh, Calvin Kha and Katia Davi-Digui put forward to the ABOA for nomination to CBOC

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