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Scholarship Policy (Adopted: March 21, 2023)

Scholarship Information and Recipients


All applicants must be EBOA members in good standing

To Apply:  Complete the appropriate application form below and send the required attachments to the EBOA Director of Administration at

Scholarship recipients are announced each year at the EBOA General Meeting in autumn.


Daryl Paustian Development Scholarship [CLICK HERE TO APPLY]

The EBOA Daryl Paustian Development Scholarship recognizes officials who value the importance of personal growth and development in their officiating avocation by attending officiating camps each year. The EBOA awards up to four $250 scholarships annually to officials who have attended officiating camps in the 12 months prior to the application deadline date.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Must have attended an Officiating Camp in the 12 months prior to the application deadline; 

2. Must not have received a Development Scholarship from the EBOA in the prior year. 

To Apply [CLICK HERE]:

1. Provide a minimum 300 word-essay addressing: 

        - Why you believe you are deserving of receiving the Scholarship; 

        - Key learnings from the camp(s) that you will use to improve your performance; 

        - Your personal officiating goals, both short term and long term. 

2. Provide the name(s) of the camp(s) you attended together with a copy of camp receipt as proof of payment. 


Daryl Paustian dedicated a lifetime to basketball officiating as an active member of the EBOA for over 30 years. He achieved success officiating provincially, nationally and internationally, in both able bodied and wheelchair basketball.  He served on the EBOA Executive for six years in a number of different capacities. He also served on the ABOA’s Provincial Evaluation Committee with a focus and commitment to the development and education of officials. Daryl passed away on August 15, 2009.


Angie Celino Education and Development Scholarship [CLICK HERE TO APPLY]

The EBOA Angie Celino Education and Development scholarship recognizes High School and Post-Secondary student officials who dedicate their officiating avocation to personal and community growth. The EBOA awards up to two $250 scholarships annually.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Must be a current full-time high school or full-time post-secondary student;

2. Must be dedicated to their development by participating in the mentorship program, camp(s) and/or clinics;

3. Must have been an ambassador for the EBOA by being actively involved in the promotion of the EBOA through participating in community activities, Camp(s) and clinic(s);

To Apply (Applicant or Nominator) [CLICK HERE]:

1. Provide a minimum 300 word-essay addressing: 

        - Why the applicant is deserving of receiving the Scholarship;

        - Demonstrate how the applicant has been an ambassador for EBOA and their community;

        - Who was the Applicant's mentor and stating one or two learning points from the past year;

        - Personal officiating goals, both short and long term.

2. Provide a copy of Student ID card and proof of full-time status;

3. Provide the name(s) of the camp(s) attended together with a copy of camp receipt as proof of payment. 


Angie Celino embodied a legacy of relentless dedication and passion by officiating both Stand up and Wheelchair Basketball and for the Edmonton Basketball Officials Association. Through her tireless hard work and promotion of referees Angie became an ambassador for the EBOA. Those attributes were recognized within the basketball community. She was an ACAC official who contributed and committed to the mentoring and evaluation of officials to promote development and education of the EBOA and its officials. She lived a life that is an example of perseverance, determination and pride.


Dave Buffie Memorial Mentorship Scholarship  [CLICK HERE TO APPLY]

The EBOA Dave Buffie Mentorship Scholarship aims to provide financial support to a younger official committed to their development. The EBOA awards up to one $500 scholarship annually.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Must demonstrate financial need;
2. Must be a positive ambassador for the EBOA .

To Apply [CLICK HERE]:

Provide answers to the following questions: 

1. How have you been a positive ambassador for the EBOA? 

2. What are your short-term and long-term officiating goals? 

3. Briefly outline your situation of financial need.


Dave Buffie was a long-time member of the EBOA and was widely respected across the province, having refereed at the U-Sports (CIS, CCAA), ACAC and High School levels for several years. "Whenever Dave walked into a gym to referee, everyone was reassured that the game would be in good hands and he would keep it safe, fair and fun." 


CBOC Ritchie/Nicurity Bursary [CLICK HERE] 

The purpose of the CBOC Ritchie/Nicurity Bursary program is to provide financial assistance to promising younger officials to assist in furthering their post-secondary education. CBOC offers Ritchie/Nicurity Bursaries of $750 to six young officials attending a Canadian university or college per year.

Eligibility Criteria:

The recipients shall be selected from the pool of nominees based on merit, considering their officiating achievements to date, officiating potential and academic standing.
1. Must be a registered member in good standing of CBOC and the ABOA

2. Must show the support of the ABOA, including communication of support that provides information on the official’s achievements, contributions and potential as an official.

3. Must be enrolled full-time in a recognized university, college, technical, vocational or trade school in pursuit of higher education, either academic or job-specific -- Full-time meaning they are primarily a student in pursuit of knowledge or improvement. 

4. A maximum of six bursaries of $750 each shall be awarded in each year. Recipients may receive a bursary in more than one year, to a maximum of 4 years and all within in a 5-year period. A list of historic Recipients is maintained by CBOC/CB and the list of Recipients for the current and previous 3 years will be made publicly available through the CBOC website.



Bill Ritchie of Fredericton, New Brunswick, was CABO’s third President and served from 1979-85. He brought years of experience to the position as founder and long-time secretary treasurer of the New Brunswick Official’s Association. Bill received the Ted Earley Memorial Award in 1986 and was inducted into the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996. Brian Nicurity of Regina, Saskatchewan assumed the presidency of CABO in 1985, serving the mandated two successive terms to 1989. Brian received the Ted Earley Memorial Award in 1990 and was inducted into the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996.


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