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Performance Evaluations

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Performance Evaluations play an integral role in the learning and advancement process of EBOA member officials. Officials at all levels of our organization are regularly being evaluated, as part of the overall educational and development process. Our College and University officials have appointed evaluators at all games providing post-game feedback and analysis.

The Education Team, lead by Director of Education and Development, work throughout the season to coordinate the process and evaluate all referees. Members are encourage to welcome the evaluation process, and to incorporate self-evaluation into their games.

The use of video analysis of games is critical to the long-term development and success of referees. Members are encourage to use the training video library.

Performance Evaluation Criteria include:

Appearance and Professionalism
   • Uniform, Shoes

   • Hustle,  Fitness and Stamina

   • Game Time Arrival

   • Check-in and preparation with table crew (scoresheet, review shot clock, game clock etc.)  

Floor Mechanics

   • Proper lead and trail positioning

   • Adjusting position  to see the whole play

   • Observing off-ball coverage


   • Strong/Sharp whistle

   • Verbal Communication to partners, table, players and coaches

   • Visual Communication, proper use of approved signals

   • Decisiveness and Confidence

   • Rules Knowledge

   • Consistency with own calls

   • Crew Consistency

Court Presence

   • Body language, enthusiasm and engagement

   • Decisiveness and confidence without arrogance

   • Quick decision-making

   • Rapport with participants, positive interaction with coaches and players at appropriate times

Game Management

   • Alert to game and player safety

   • Protocol with injured players

   • Court clear of hazards

   • Team bench areas and coaches boxes is identified

   • Handling Coaches and Players, Table and Clocks

   • Game Awareness

   • Dead ball efficiency and game flow

Heather Rootsaert, Evaluations Chairperson

Karen Lasuik,  EBOA Director of Education & Development

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