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Evaluations play an integral role in the learning and advancement process of EBOA member officials. Officials at all levels of our organization are exposed to evaluations.  Our College and University officials have appointed evaluators at all games providing post-game feedback and analysis.  All officials within the Association will receive a minimum of one written evaluation per season.  

Our Director of Education & Development, along with the EBOA Education & Development Team work throughout the season to evaluate all officials and coordinate this process. 

We encourage all members of openly welcome the evaluation process into their games.  Self-evaluation is important too.  Where possible the use of video analysis of games is critical to the long-term development and success of officials.  The EBOA does have AV equipment available to be loaned to member officials for this purpose.

Each member is responsible for at least one evaluation fee of $35.00 per season which comes out of the official's game fee account. $30.00 is paid to the evaluator and $5.00 is paid to the EBOA Monitoring program.

Those officials interested in having multiple evaluations throughout the season should contact the Director of Education & Development to make those arrangements.


Please contact the EBOA Director of Education & Development for more information.

2020-2021 Evaluation Team​

  • To be announced


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